Treatment TCM Basel

Course of a session

A session usually lasts an hour.
During the first session, a complete medical history is taken, and includes the pulse and tongue diagnosis. I will then be able to inform you of the appropriate treatment methods and the therapy I offer.
TCM Basel Behandlung
TCM Basel Behandlung

Fees and reimbursements

The treatment fee is CHF 140 per hour.

My treatments are recognized by all complementary health insurances..
I recommend that you ensure repayment terms with your insurance before starting treatment.

ASCA number (Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine): L684749.
RME number (empirical medical register): F624977.

Appointments canceled on the same day are due.
TCM Basel Behandlung
TCM Basel Behandlung

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

These two medical systems complement each other. They differ in their philosophy as well as in the understanding of the functioning of the body and the therapeutic practice.
Conventional medicine strives to analyze and define every little part. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is based on a holistic view, where everything is interconnected.

Examinations like blood exam or radios can provide additional and useful information for a TCM-Diagnosis. Please do bring them with you when you come for your first appointment.

Treatment methods

TuiNa-Massage TCM Basel

TuiNa Massage

For this therapeutic massage, the patient remains dressed and is covered with a cloth.

Akupunktur TCM Basel

Acupuncture & Moxibustion

In this therapy, sterile acupuncture needles are placed in very specific places.

Chinesische Heilkräuter TCM Basel

Chinese herbal medicine

The variety and effectiveness of Chinese medicinal herbs make this herbal medicine one of the most developed in the world.

Ernährung TCM Basel


Chinese medicine attaches great importance to a diet that is individually adapted to the patient.