Contact with nature is a real gift for our health. A nature walk is recommended at least once a week.

Depending on your constitution, the forest, mountains, or water can be particularly beneficial.

Man is part of nature. We often forget that we are part of nature. It should be our concern to better understand nature and to respect it. This way man is doing himself good. In addition, nature helps to have our feet on the ground and contributes to good common sense.

« Taking care of nature guarantees humanity good health » Boukli-Hacene
TCM Basel Behandlung
TCM Basel Behandlung

Studies have shown that trees, for example, have a strong impact on our health:

  • „The more trees there are near a person, the lower the statistical risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high blood pressure“ (1)
  • The subjects tested had significantly more "anticancer proteins" in their blood after their stay in the forest than the comparison groups. “After two days in a forest area, the participants' blood actually contained twice as many killer cells as before. In this case, the effect was still measurable thirty days later“ (2)
  • Walks in nature and in the forest activate the parasympathetic nerve (the nerve for rest and relaxation) and, unlike city walks, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels and lead to a significant reduction in the stress hormones adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol. in the blood. (3)
  • Patients who can enjoy a view of the trees during their hospital stay need significantly fewer pain relievers, recover faster, and have fewer postoperative complications. (4)
  • People who live near trees are less depressed and need fewer antidepressants. (5)
TCM Basel Behandlung
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