„Diet is the alpha and omega of health.“

Nutritional recommendations have proven to be a very simple, healing and necessary treatment method in my practice.

« A good doctor [...] first tries a cure with food. If that doesn't work, he'll prescribe medicine. » Sun Si Miao, Chinese doctor of the 6th century. A.D.

Our diet influences our organism and our psyche several times a day. Nutritional considerations are essential to a healthy body and mind.

Chinese medicine describes how important nutrition is for health and draws the following important characteristics for healthy eating:

  1. Eat in peace. Take your time so that you can fully enjoy your meal.
  2. Regularity is essential.
  3. 80 - 90% of the meals should be warm to support the "warmth of life". Eating warm is essential, especially during winter. As physics describes, energy is heat. Therefore, those who eat warm support their energy.
  4. Eat only healthy foods that are bursting with energy and health.
  5. You shouldn't eat anything between meals so that your digestive organs can empty properly.

Meals prepared with fresh foods (if possible organic, local and seasonal) are guarantors of a healthy diet. Vary the pleasures by diversifying between: cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat (less with age), eggs, seeds and nuts and quality oils.
TCM Basel Behandlung
TCM Basel Behandlung

In view of these principles, you will find more detailed information on the following important topics from my practical experience:

1. Avoid salad as a meal

The salad is thermally cold. Anyone who regularly eats a salad cools down and weakens their digestive system. In the long run, the salad will not be digestible and the person will gain weight.
80 to 90% of meals should therefore be hot (especially in winter!) And raw vegetables should not be more than one side dish.

2. Wheat, a "degenerate" food

Wheat today is the product of breeding efforts and genetic change. The numerous transformations now allow a yield 10 times higher than in 1920. However, the compatibility of the new cultivated forms with human health has not been studied. Modern wheat, which has nothing to do with the original wheat:

  • has a particularly high glycemic index of 72 and causes high spikes in blood sugar.
  • leads to false immune reactions.
  • stimulates appetite and can be addictive.
  • supports the aging process and acidifies the body.

The following pathologies can be caused by the consumption of wheat:

  • Gas, loose stools, fatigue
  • Malabsorption (iron deficiency)
  • Diabetes, obesity, celiac disease
  • Heart disease, high cholesterol
  • Osteoarthritis, rash (acne), schizophrenia

By eliminating wheat (bread, wheat flakes and pasta), my patients have had amazing results. Experience has shown that many people have undiagnosed wheat intolerance. The easiest and most effective is to eliminate it for 2 weeks. You might be surprised.

3. Cow's milk

As a result of exclusively financial research, cow's milk has also become a “degenerate” food. Some consequences of intensive dairy farming are: the continuous high performance of the cows, the greater susceptibility of the cows to diseases and their very short lifespan.
Due to common chronic mastitis, pus is often present in the milk. The increased fat content of modern milk makes it easier to digest, even for calves. Concentrated feed and corn silage significantly increase saturated fatty acids and significantly reduce vitamin content.
Calcium in milk is not absorbed due to the lack of vitamins and the high proportion of animal protein in milk.

According to Chinese medicine, consuming cow's milk leads to the formation of mucus and phlegm. These can build up in the lungs and lead to chronic runny nose or ear infections, especially in children. Mucus can also be found anywhere in the body and weaken the digestive and the immune system.

By going without milk, cottage cheese, cream and yogurt made from cow's milk, many people reap the benefits.

4. Prefer whole sugar

By industrial sugar is meant any type of industrially produced sugar (white sugar, sucrose, dextrose, glucose syrup). Refined sugar is not recommended because important components are no longer present.

Sugar consumption has increased sharply over the last century, which goes against health needs. Excessive consumption damages the organism and leads to the so-called and well-known diseases of civilization. Sodas and orange juice for breakfast should be avoided.

Brown sugar in small doses, on the other hand, strengthens the digestive system, is moisturizing and supports health.

5. Prepared meals, microwave and frozen meals are to be banned

Nothing can replace a homemade meal with fresh products. Fresh, high-quality products promote your health. Eating local and seasonal products is preferable. Prepared meals, additives (glutamate, aspartame), microwaves (destruction of food molecules) and frozen foods (the cold persists even after cooking) must be banned.

6. Fats and oils: essential!

The brain, the myelin which protects the nerves and hormones are largely made of cholesterol. Cholesterol also contributes to the body's repair processes.

Use quality fats and oils (olive or sesame). Nuts and seeds are also good sources of oil. Sunflower oil, on the other hand, should be avoided.

Cooking books for gustatory pleasure.

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